Blueberry Farm

Highland Berries are grown organically

A field of 2,800 blueberry bushes became the farm’s foundation in 2010. With the irrigation, mulching, weeding and nurturing of these new plantings, the vision for a cooperative farming program soon followed with the opening of an on-farm market. 

Our focus at Highland Realm is to use our talents and skills to bring more life back to the soil and to help the life here flourish. We believe in a very natural approach to agriculture relying on practices that mimic nature with the use of beneficial soil microorganisms. This is mainly brought about through the making and use of compost, compost teas and extracts. We also want to be able to expand and build upon the micro-enterprises here on the farm.

Highland Realm blueberries are available direct from the farm or in several local establishments. If you are interested in selling Highland Realm berries in your store, please contact us for information on buying berries wholesale.

Come Pickin'

Blueberry picking season is typically June through early July. Refer to our Facebook page for daily information on our berry availability. Children are welcome!

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