Highland Realm is a place of healing, quietly tucked away in the mystical forests and glades of Middle Tennessee in the Township of Hampshire.

Surrounded by ponds and creeks, it is a place where both ancient and futuristic healing methods are successfully used to bring balance and harmony to your life as well as the land itself.

We offer cabin rentals, wellness seminars, and the most beautiful you-pick blueberries in Middle Tennessee. 



Highland Realm is protected under the Tennessee Land Trust

In 1974, Dr. Deanna Naddy and her family purchased the 153-acre farm from a descendant of Samuel McClanahan whose family owned the property since the early 1800’s. We  raised three sons here on the farm. In 1995, Dr. Naddy continued running the farm until she retired from a career in nursing education in 1999. At that time she started a healing retreat center offering day and weekend classes as well as multiple alternative healing therapies, establishing Highland Realm. 

Feeling strongly about the sacredness of the land, Deanna placed the farm in a conservation easement with the Tennessee Land Trust in 2011, ensuring Highland Realm will be protected from development for generations to come.

About Deanna


Managing the Blueberry Business

Nurse, health practitioner and educator

Nurse, health practitioner and educator

Deanna has been managing the Highland Realm blueberry farm for almost nine years. 

Berries are available in June and July at the Highland Realm Farm Stand, the Columbia Farmer's Fresh Market on Saturdays, and in local stores.

Or you may visit the farm and pick your own delicious berries.

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Nurse, health practitioner and educator

Nurse, health practitioner and educator

Nurse, health practitioner and educator

Dr. Deanna J. Naddy, RN, DSN, has extensive training in Western medicine and alternative healing therapies.

She is the former Associate Dean for Nursing at Columbia State Community College. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas, Vanderbilt University and University of Alabama, Birmingham, where she received a Doctor of Science in Nursing.

She is a certified Bowen Therapist, a Reiki Master, Healing Touch practitioner and certified Medical Qigong Practitioner.


Offering and Hosting On-Farm Events

Nurse, health practitioner and educator

Offering and Hosting On-Farm Events

Highland Realm's mission includes   

enjoying lifelong learning, creating community, and sharing knowledge and resources for the good of all. 

To that end, Deanna is pleased to offer classes on Garden Mulching, Thermal Composting, Essential Oils, Sacred Conversations, Energy Healing Sound Therapy, and more.